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    flash player installs some sort of Mcaffee scan crapware without option


      This isn't a question, and I'm not sure why it has to go to a forum.  I'm pissed because I got a message to update Flash player and it installed some Mcaffee product without an option to opt out and without warning.  So what should have taken 20 seconds to download and install, it took an extra 3 minutes to find that crap and uninstall it.  It took another 15 minutes to get to this forum to say "those kind of shenanigans really piss me off!"  I try to keep my applications up to date as well as keep crapware off of my computer.  I want to be able to trust the companies, who provide excellent products, to be ethical about updates.  I updated Java on another computer yesterday and they were kind enough to ask me before installing that stupid "ask" bar in my browser.  So, if you need to charge for flash player, charge for it.  Don't try to trick me into installing some crap which will inevitably conflict with my current virus scanner/malware scanner and ruin my computing experience.