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    HOWTO: Reduce physical size of lrcat file ?


      My cat has possibly reached the max size supported by the fat32 harddisk format.(4GiByte).

      Therefore the import of cat entries from another catalogue fails. it does not say anything about the reason, but I suspect the filesize of the destination lrcat file to be the cause of the problem.

      I have now removed already a large portion of images from the cat, but even after optimization and backup of the file it still has this huge size.

      How can I reduce the filesize of the lrcat file ?

      Thanks in advance!

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          dj_paige Level 9

          If you have already performed the command File->Optimize Catalog (which you said you did), then the choices are to remove photos and/or put those photos in a new catalog, or get a new hard disk formatted so you don't have this restriction. Personally, I think the idea of removing photos is not something I would do, because then you no longer can organize these photos in a single catalog with the rest of your photos, but that's me and your need might be different.

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            areohbee Level 6

            Unless you have plugins which store gobs of stuff in your catalog, most info is edit history.


            You can clear edit history manually (lotsa work) or via the following free plugin I wrote:


            Dev History Editor


            or using an sqlite client app.


            You can cleanse extraneous plugin info (assuming you don't need it any more) using another free plugin I wrote:




            or using an sqlite client app.


            PS - my most frequently used preset:




            PPS - another possible solution: reformat disk using a more modern file-system format.

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              TDrechsel Level 1

              My target was indeed to keep all my images in one single cat. Therefore I tried to reduce the cat size using your LR plugin.

              It took quite a long time (8 hours) until the plugin had automatically consolidated the development history. But after it finished the task and after another optimization of the cat using LR optimization from menu then the resulting file was indeed decreased by ~650MB.

              Unfortunately I did not find out how to remove even more of the dev history. If I understood the plugin handbook correctly then a history removal would only be possible by writing a preset file. (lua code, whatever this might be?). This was to complex in my eyes and therefore I stopped here.

              Using the alternative proposed way (to change the format of the disk to NTFS instead of fat32) would have been even more time consuming, as I would have had to migrate the preview files (size > 1 Terabyte) to another temporary disk before reformatting the fat32-disk.