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    Workflow for mixed framerate/Size footage? 1080 @ 24fps and 60fps


      Hello all...

      It has been awhile, as I was deployed(Afghanistan) and doing alot of college when I returned.

      I used to be really quick, and very avid with Premiere Pro, but with this big time gap..some of it has slipped my memory.


      I have a Canon T3i that I shoot my footage with.

      The options are 1080 @ 30fps, 1080 @ 24fps, and 1280 @ 60fps (of course standard as well)


      I have not started shooting this project yet. Need some questions answered..


      I shoot mainly at 1080 @ 24fps.....but final export is at 720p. (youtube)

      So I use a 720p timeline/sequence

      but need to incorperate some slow mo footage, that is recorded at 1280 @ 60fps..

      So, I will be importing two different sizes and framerates.

      I have CS6, so I am guessing that I can just drop the 1080p into timline,(720p) and use speed ramps, and it will automatically adjust/interpret.


      Does this sound accurate, and will this workflow work?

      I have Twixtor, but need to see about updating it and such, but I do have it, and will have the updated version.

      However, I am thinking with 60fps, I may not need to use it, and simply use Time Remapping as usual.