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    Color change in simple SVG / adobe edge

    Marsseats Level 1

      Hello, i'm making weekly banners for a company with different languages and prices.


      I'm seeing a lot of SVG solutions ( ex. Edgedocks.com ) and i like the way of vector images

      And getting smaller and faster banners..instead of using png's.


      Importing the SVG isn't the problem...that works..of course ;-)


      But i'd like to change the color, this changed every week..depending on the theme for that week.

      Is there a way to change the color..easy...?


      I thought by importing the .html into dreamweaver and change the color code..but that isn't working ;-(


      Maybe someone has a workaround for me??

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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          The Edge Animate uses the svg files, either as an img tag or as the background-image for the div tag, just the way you can use any other formats of image.


          So, you can't change the color of the svg image using code. Only option you have is to have one copy each of the svg image with different color, and then swap the svg image as per your need.