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    Problem extrating data from dropdown list


      I am building an e-mail from from flash using PHP. I have constructed an e-mail form and taken the text from the textboxes and put that in an e-mail. So far so good.

      What I want to do is that the user has to select some options from some dropdown menus. I have created some new frames for this (ie another page). Then a button with has a next button.

      When someone clicks the next button it takes them to the e-mail form and then click send. The object is that the recepient would receive details of what the user has selected in the dropdown menu.

      Frame 1 is the dropdown menu with a next button
      Frame 2 is the e-mail page

      If i put a dropdown menu on frame2 with the e-mail form i can get it to work but if it's on frame 1 it doesn't.

      My actionscript for the next button on frame 1 is

      "nextbutton.onRelease = function()

      I have a feeling that I have to put some more actionscript in for frame 1 for the data from dropdownmenu to carry across so I can use it in frame 2.

      I hope this makes sense. If someone can help that wold be greatly appreciated.

      Many thanks,