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    Adbode XI: FORMS: 2 questions (1) combining results from two forms  (2) Conditionality

    how do i create a form?

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      (1) combining results from two forms


      I'm creating a booking form for a college course. The application form is quite long. I wanted to break it up. > Form 1: personal details > then payment and confirmation of booking> Form 2: then minor details e.g. flight numbers.


      Can the results of two forms be combined automatically or is it a cut and paste into Excel job?


      (2) Conditionality


      I have different academic options  and trip options available depending on when the student is coming and what academic level they have.


      How powerful is the condtionality capability in Adobe XI? Is it limited to a specific question, or can it determine aspect in questions further down the line? E.g. is it possible to set up Question 1 with conditionality such that the answer will determine what is asked in e.g. Qu 7?


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