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    can't import multiple edited .prel files into premiere 12


      source materials include multiple edited .prel files.

      'add' allows me to open only one of these at a time.

      i want to add and link several .prel files end to end.

      several of these have been rendered under 'publish/share'.

      'add ' displays only these files (ie mpeg4), and not the edited .prel files.

      these files are displayed as 'movie format' (mpeg4)  files in the preview screen, not the full screen .prel files.

      i can open multiple files of this type and can link them.

      i can edit these files even though they are not .prel files.

      these 'movie' files are saved as .prel files.

      if i edit and save several of these edited 'movie' files as independent .prel files, i'm back where i started from and 'add ' won't let me link them.


      the outcome i'm looking for is the ability to open and link multiple edited .prel files in premiere 12 in the first place to avoid this loop-type cycling.


      in lieu of that, i'm forced to publish each edited .prel file so i can then have access to it in 'add'.

      this is inconvenient and wastes time in the editing cycle.