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    Something wrong with .png format!

    schwabby2 Level 1

      Hey everyone, anyone!

      Have you all noticed that there is an issue with the .png format? I have been on multiple boards now searching for an answer. Everyone is answering the people like they are noobs to the whole process.

      I am not a noob, far from it. But I can't not save a transparent .png out on any format.

      Here are some facts.

      If I save it as a .png on my mac, it is not transparent even though it shows as transparent in the document.

      I have used 24 bit, I have checked the Alpha Channel and even made a alpha mask.

      If I drag it to my pc, it does show up as transparent.

      But...if I save a .png on the pc, it still has the white background on the mac.

      I have icons on folders and documents that are transparent that I copied and pasted a couple of weeks ago, but those exact same files can not be copied and pasted as transparent anymore.

      I first noticed a .png issue on an app that I use daily on my ipad. I figured it was just a problem of the programmer with the new system 8 update.

      I do not have the new Apple System update on my ipad, iMac or Macbook Pro.

      All three of them can not see a transparent .png file.

      The boards are also full of people that can't write a transparent .png out of fireworks, inkscape, gimp or photoshop!


      The forums all over the internet are full of Windows pc's that can't see a transparent .png file. What has happened, what has changed? What is going on?

      Anyone on an insider track that can give insight into this issue?