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    Rotate Canvas (R) and Zoom (Z) Lag Photoshop CC




      I am running an:

      Asus desktop with i7-4790S, 12GB Ram, Nvidia GeForce GTX750 (1GB)

      Wacom Cintiq 13HD

      HP 25bw LED monitor


      Sometimes when I start up my computer and open photoshop CC, there is a terrible lag when rotating the canvas using the (R) rotate tool or Zooming in and out (Z).


      It jumps around in rotate and is impossible to make it go smoothly, and the zoom jumps in and out many seconds after hitting (Ctl + or Ctl -) Or simply using the Zoom Tool.


      However, sometimes when the computer starts up, it will run smoothly.


      I have all updated drivers from Nvidia and Wacom.


      Has anyone else seen this problem?