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    Text with URL on hover


      I'm having some troubles with text that appears on a mouse-over event. I've put an example on-line (text is in Dutch, I hope that isn't a problem). You can find it at files.bbackx.com/flash/index.html
      When you go over the 'hovertekst', you see some other lines of text appear. I already had to do some tricks (jump to other frame with a button that has an other hit zone) so the text would stay when you go over it. Now, I have the problem that when I put an url in the file ( 'linkje' in my example), the text disappears. Anybody who knows what the cause may be?

      You can find the source-file at files.bbackx.com/flash/index.fla

      Hopefully, someone can help me out...

      PS: the reason of the frame-jump: I only want the text to appear when you hover over 'hovertekst' and I don't want it to disappear when I go with my mouse over the text when it appeared. This was the only way I could realise this.