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    How do I validate a signature that is currently "unknown?"

    CRL2014 Level 1

      When I open a document that has been digitally signed, I keep getting a message saying "Signature validity is unknown."


      How do I change this, so that every time I open the document it says "Signature is valid?"


      This is what I have tried so far that doesn't work:

      • Selecting the "validate all" button on the signature panel.  (The "Signature validity is unknown." message remained.)
      • Exporting the digital signature that was used to sign the document to the computer the document was opened up on.  (The "Signature validity is unknown." message remained.)
      • Sending the document with a certified signature vs. a regular signature.  (The "validity is unknown" message resulted for both.)
      • Selecting "ignore document validation information" from the "Verification" section of the "Signatures" category under "Preferences."  (The "Signature validity is unknown." message remained.)
      • Selecting "Trust ALL root certificates in the Windows Certificate Store" (this option was located in Edit-> Preferences-> Signatures -> Verification -> More...).  (The "Signature validity is unknown." message remained.)


      I was able to enable the "Trust Manager" button (by selecting Edit-> Preferences -> Signatures -> Verification -> More... and then checking "When document has valid, but untrusted signatures, prompt to review and trust signers) and add each signature into my trusted contacts, but is this the correct way to do it?  This only seems to work in Acrobat XI, what do you do if you open the document in X or an earlier version of Acrobat?


      Is there a way the signer can send a document so that anyone who opens it will get the "Signature is valid" message?


      Joining the Adobe Approved Trust List isn't something that seems like a good fit for this issue unless you belong to a large organization.  Is it possible to encrypt the root certificate or the validity into a document that is digitally signed when you send it?  So that the signature will be marked "valid" when someone else opens it?