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    Optimizing Memory, Multiprocessing

    Rise Motion


      So I just updated my Intel i7 (8 core) laptop to 32 gigs of ram and two sata 3 SSD's. I replaced the sata 2 dvd drive with a drive caddy that now holds the old hard drive. So I have 3 drives total + an external usb 3 hard drive. I would like to know how to optimize this setup.

      I know its best to have your AE cache on a separate disk then your project folder. I wanted to use the two ssd's for this but my system/C drive is almost full. So I have the project folder on the Old hard drive and the AE cache folder on the second free SSD. I ran some test and it looks like the external usb3 is faster than my old drive so I will move the project folder to that. OR I suppose I could squeeze the project folder onto the SSD system drive, but I worry that that windows wont have enough room to function. (There is currently 30 gigs available.) And of course the AE application lives there so maybe that's a bad idea?

      Does the AE project folder need a be a fast drive?

      The two Samsung 850pros come with software that does significant optimization but can only do it to one of the installed SSD's. Which should I boost? The system/C ssd or the AE swap disk ssd?

      What about virtual memory in windows I've heard some people say you can turn it off if you have more than 8 gigs of ram. Mine is currently set to 200MB does AE need a larger vm setting?


      I did my best to set the Memory & Multiprocessing following this video How to Optimize After Effects CS6 for High Performance | CS6 & Creative Cloud Feature Tour for Video | Adobe TV

      But I still get the "starting background process this may take awhile message. And it does.


      And I'm not sure what to do with the GPU settings. Screenshots attached.