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    xdcam preset missing




      I have recently installed the CC suite that includes Premiere Pro CC.


      The version I am using is Premiere Pro CC v8.1, Caravan (I don’t what “Caravan” refers to).


      I have no problem playing the files I’m mostly using like, DNxHD 120 and v210, (AVI & MOV containers).


      However the MPEG2 OP-1a with MXF container I cannot. The error message I get is:

      “Unsupported format or damaged file.”

      On previous version of Premiere Pro CS6 & CS 5.5 I still can play them without problems.


      On top of that I saw that the XDCAM preset are not showed anymore in the preset list of Premier Pro CC and it looks like codecs are missing.


      I have deinstall the whole adobe CC suite by following instructions I found on the Adobe support site  and I re-installed it but it haven’t solve my problem.

      I spend time on the forum to look at a solution but haven’t found the answer on my problem.


      According the specs of Premiere Pro CC, it should support natively the MPEG2 OP-1a.


      Any solution to resolve that?

      Thank you

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          opsmmc Level 1

          I have resolve the problem:

          Signed out from Adobe CC

          Reinstalled workstation from scratch

          Applied all windows updates

          Installed Adobe CC


          All XDCAM presets are now active and everything seems to be right in place.


          It seems that any previous or different installs like trail or education can occur problems for any new or different licence install, even if running the Adobe cleaner.