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    How can I install english Flash Player?




      Today I got a message that Firefox blocked my plugins for Shockwave & Flash. I downloaded & installed Shockwave without any troubles, but when I tried to install Flash Player something was wrong with it: the installer tried to install russian version of Flash Player.


      OK, I tried to select option "Want Flash Player for another PC?" - but it had no option to chose the language - it indicated that my system is Windows 8, Firefox, English; though all the software I'm using is English localized.


      So I went to adobe.com & at the bottom of the page changed the region to United States, then I tried to download Flash Player once again. I was so happy when I saw that my system was identified as Windows 8, Firefox, English :-)


      But when the file downloaded & I ran it and - guess what? Yes, exactly - it started to install Flash Player in Russian!


      Frankly speaking I don't like Russian-localized software at all (because the translation is terribly awful), thus all the applications installed in my PC is English-localized. All but the Flash Player :-(


      So I have a question: how can I install English-localized Flash Player and prevent myself from seeing again this terrible Russian-localized one?


      PS. All my regional settings in Windows are set to English (United States), so I have no idea why the Russian player is installed...


      Thanks in advance and best regards,