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    Extension Manager CC error message.

    msucena Level 1

      Anyone know why Extension Manager CC v7.3.2.39 is producing the error message "Failed to update database. The extension will not be installed." when trying to install a ZXP with two C++ Plugins defined by a MXI file and signed with a valid cert using the "ZXPSignCmd" tool?  All the resources defined in the mxi file are being installed into the InDesign CC 2014; however, the extensions DO NOT show up when I launch ID CC 2014.  Below is an excerpt from my "ExManCoreLibrary_.log" file showing the [Error] lines.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


      [Error] Fri Dec 12 11:47:16.810 2014 (ExManDBWrapper.cpp, 538) -"saveInstalledFiles failed":Generic SQLite error: Unknown error code: 2067: INSERT into Tb_ExtFileMap VALUES(?,?)

      [Error] Fri Dec 12 11:47:16.811 2014 (ExtensionBase.cpp, 2823) -CExtensionBase::updateDBOnInstall: saveInstalledFiles() failed for extId 694, status = -503!

      [Error] Fri Dec 12 11:47:16.814 2014 (ExtensionBase.cpp, 899) -CExtensionBase::install: updateDBOnInstall() failed for extension "<extension_name>", status is -509!