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    Extension Manager CC error message.


      Anyone know why Extension Manager CC v7.3.2.39 is producing the error message "Failed to update database. The extension will not be installed." when trying to install a ZXP with two C++ Plugins defined by a MXI file and signed with a valid cert using the "ZXPSignCmd" tool?  All the resources defined in the mxi file are being installed into the InDesign CC 2014; however, the extensions DO NOT show up when I launch ID CC 2014.  Below is an excerpt from my "ExManCoreLibrary_.log" file showing the [Error] lines.  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.


      [Error] Fri Dec 12 11:47:16.810 2014 (ExManDBWrapper.cpp, 538) -"saveInstalledFiles failed":Generic SQLite error: Unknown error code: 2067: INSERT into Tb_ExtFileMap VALUES(?,?)

      [Error] Fri Dec 12 11:47:16.811 2014 (ExtensionBase.cpp, 2823) -CExtensionBase::updateDBOnInstall: saveInstalledFiles() failed for extId 694, status = -503!

      [Error] Fri Dec 12 11:47:16.814 2014 (ExtensionBase.cpp, 899) -CExtensionBase::install: updateDBOnInstall() failed for extension "<extension_name>", status is -509!