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    Premiere Pro crashes on Yosemite


      Hi guys,


      I just got a brand new iMac (3.4Ghz, intel core i5, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GEFORCE GTX 775M, OS 10.10.1) and installed Premiere Pro CC (8.1.0). Every time I launch the app I get a error warning "PREMIERE PRO HAS ENCOUNTERED AN ERROR [caravan/releases/2014.09/shared/adobe/MediaCore/ASL/Foundation/Src/directoryRegistry.ccp -284]"


      Premiere then shuts down.


      Any suggestions on how to fix it?


      Thanks a lot!

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          I have the same issue. I have project that I was editing on an older machine with CS5, but it was struggling so upgraded to a new Macbook Pro 2.5, 16 gig ram,  512 solid state drive, Intel Iris Pro GPU. The computer ships with Yosemite. I loaded the latest premiere cloud software CC2014 v8.1. While the CS5 project opens fine (after creating a new cc2014 file), it crashes while loading the media. It gets about a third of the way in and then "Adobe Premiere has encounter a serious issue and needed to close".


          The project is a feature doc and I'm running out of time. Can any one help?