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    Grey boxes even though set to high performance display


      Hi. I am wondering if there is an incompatability issue. Until today, I have been using CS2 with no problems, on Windows XP. I have now installed CS6 on a laptop with Windows 7 operating system and opened my files. Three problems really...


      1) about 95% of my many images (all exported images from my Sibelius 4 programme) are displaying in grey boxes even though I set 'View', 'DIsplay performance' to 'high'
      (don't understand why as all my tiff drawings done in Photoshop are showing fine).


      next problem...
      2). A box comes up when I try to open each document saying...


      The documents embedded colour profile does not match the current cmyk working space.

      …policy is to discard profiles that do not match

      Embedded: Europe iso coated FOGRA27

      Working: U.S web coated (swop)

      Is this anything to worry about? I have been very careful about my colour choices and want nothing going wrong!

      Next problem...

      3)  So annoying, that even though all the links appear fine (i.e.to begin with there were only a few '!' warning in the links folder, but now since i've 'relinked' those, crazily enough to the same file name, there are none), I keep getting a warning box popping up saying:  'Error encountered while reading Tiff image. Image may be damaged or incompatible. Resave the image with different settings and try again' . I keep getting the message box randomly sometimes every few seconds so it's impossible to get work done, not that I can anyway since the vast majority of my work is now in grey boxes and can't be deciphered, as already explained, as if something is wrong with the performance display.

      Regarding the display performance, could it be a problem that my machine isn't up to it? I.e. The processing speed. It's quite new though, Dell , Inspiron, 5720.i know nothing about this.


      Stuck. Please help!!! Many thanks,

      P.S> Also worth adding that the 'edit link' feature for my SIbelius  images is not working (but is for the Tiff drawings - i.e. I right click, edit link, then it takes me to the original file to edit). Hope this all makes sense!

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