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    Speedgrade Backwards-Incompatible w/ Premiere CC 2014 8.1


      When I dynamically link a Premiere CC 2014 8.0.1 sequence to Speedgrade and save within Speedgrade, I can no longer open the Premiere project file in Premiere 8.0.1. When I attempt to do so, the error message, "This project was saved in a newer version of Adobe Premiere Pro and cannot be opened in this version." This is frustrating not only because I can't use the color grading work that I did in Speedgrade, but also because I can't even open my assembly project file in Premiere any more.


      When this first happened, I concluded that I must have auto-updated my Speedgrade application beyond my Premiere application and that the solution was to upgrade Premiere to the most recent version so both applications would be up to date. However, when I tried to upgrade Premiere using the Creative Cloud app, I get a download error (with no download error code).


      How do I restore functionally to the CC App? Why is Speedgrade not backwards-compatible with Premiere?