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    Wondering if someone can help me redesign/totally overhaul my website.


      I bought in to Business Catalyst when it was just GoodBarry. Back then, if I recall, it was intended for business owners looking for a manageable solution as well as developers.


      Well, over the years I've chipped away here and there, and people still remark at how well done it seems, but I for one would like to "modernize" it. Given enough time, I'd LOVE to do the job myself. However, I don't have time anymore. None. Zilch.


      The website is www.mytruckbuddy.com. If anyone would like to contact me directly, I can be reached at chris@mytruckbuddy.com.


      Just some quick notes: I had someone redesign two templates for the site about four years ago, and that's more or less what you see there now. It has its merits, but I'd like something a lot more clean, simple, brighter, and social media friendly.