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    DCS 2.0 EPS files previewing in black and white


      Hello everyone,

        I have some artwork that I've done in Photoshop for a client's kick drum head and when I save it as a DCS 2.0 EPS file, apparently it's viewing in black and white. When I open the file in Photoshop it's still in color. I've honestly never had much experience working with EPS files and really have no idea what's happening here. It has my client worried because, naturally, he doesn't want the artwork to print in black and white. Whenever I get any printing done, I save artwork as a PDF and it's always worked flawlessly but, apparently the people who he's going through for printing require an EPS file.


        So, what's the deal here? Should I be worried or will this artwork print perfectly in full color and it's just some whack reason that he's seeing it in black and white?