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    Playhead & interface problems


      Hi. I'm on a Quad Core Xeon Mac Pro. 16 GB of RAM. OS 10.10.1.


      I was working on a project last night in Premiere Pro CC 2014 with no issues. 75% of the timeline is an After Effects project, plus a short clip of H264 footage. No updates done overnight. When I opened up Premiere today, things were buggy. The playhead would not move even though the footage played fine in the program window. If I clicked to move the playhead, it did not show that it had moved. But when it began to play, the footage started from where I had clicked but the playhead still didn't move. Interface was generally lagging: zoom was not happening quickly and now export seems to be non-functioning.


      I trashed prefs first. That did nothing. Then I uninstalled Premiere and reinstalled. Still having the same problems. I tried opening a different Premiere project and it gave me the same problems. I made a brand new project and it seemed to work normal. Not experiencing any other strange system issues.


      Any ideas?