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    Font embedding issues with fixed layout CC export

    jcp523 Level 1

      Hello, I'm new to the forums but a daily InDesign user. I’m experiencing some font issues with InDesign CC’s new ePUB3 fixed layout tool and hope someone can shed some light here.


      When I export my book layout to fixed layout ePUB3, everything goes seemingly well except for the fact that Adobe's INDD FL export tool has decided to strip out the e-book’s custom fonts completely and not allow for them to be embedded. Upon export completion, I receive an “epub export warning” stating “fonts not allowed to be embedded”, which then proceeds to list the fonts it has decided to not include (all of them).


      I’ve tried this fixed layout export feature on two separate e-books and experienced the same issue. A little background - I’ve been developing e-books for several years and am not a newbie trying to embed fonts I did not actually license. In one of the books, all the fonts were already licensed for e-book. In the other, the font was created by the author himself! I should also mention I am using ttf and otf fonts.


      Before I write off INDD CC’s fixed layout export tool completely and go back to other more time consuming and/or expensive production methods, can someone tell me if there is a workaround for this?


      Where is the button I click that says, “Hey, I DO have the rights to use these fonts?”