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    Alpha Channel / gradation interpretation problem


      I have a very peculiar problem, which started happening after upgrading to CC 2014. I was hoping that the latest update would fix it but it didn't.

      The problem is with the incorrect way Premiere interpreters Animation codec QT files with alpha with semi-transparent elements that were exported from AE. I have never seen this kind of behavior in any software before. As long as I had my alpha set to straight (unmatted), RGB + Alpha Millions of Colors+ when exporting from AE, everything has always worked fine. And it did in this project. I dropped the animation on the top of my footage in the sequence and it worked. But then after the upgrade to 2014 some unexpected results started to happen whenever I reposition the imported graphics that have alpha.

      This image is correct before repositioning it:

      test 1.jpg


      And look what happens as soon as I move it:

      test 2.jpg


      The difference is huge and unacceptable!

      The interesting thing is when I reset the position to original it looks fine again.

      I checked several things:

      - footage interpretation is correct: straight alpha

      - sequence settings: composite in linear color is checked off (and if I turn it on it messes up the other elements - so I assume default off is correct)

      - Changing the clip's opacity blending mode to Lighten fixes the problem in a way. But I can't use lighten on these graphics because I have some dark elements as well (which become transparent when in lighten mode)

      The bottom line is - this just should work. Importing animation codec QT files with alpha is pretty straightforward and basic operation. So is there some kind of a bug?

      I don't know what else I could do. This really messes my client revision process because I need to readjust position of the graphic elements. And just the way and why this is happening does not make sense to me.

      Please help! Thanks.