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    Re establishing the link between images.


      I imported a couple thousand images, added all my keywords and such, then realized they were named incorrectly. I batch renamed all the files using Bridge, but the already imported images in the library do not reflect the change. I know how to batch rename in Lightroom, but these files have lost their link to the originals, so I cannot rename them. Is there a way to batch re-establish the link? I know I can do it one at a time by clicking on the ! button on the preview, then following the prompts, but I would prefer to do it in a more combined fashion.


      I could re import the whole bunch, but I keyworded in Lightroom, and they don't show up in Bridge.


      Any help out there?



      David G

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          dj_paige Level 10

          I hope you have backups of your photos with the original names, in that case you can place the backups in the folders where the originals (now renamed) are located.


          Otherwise, you have performed one of the most destructive actions possible for the Lightroom catalog, by renaming them outside of Lightroom. You need to "un-rename" the photos back to their original names using your operating system (which sounds like a very tedious and time consuming project), or re-link the photos one-by-one (as you have been doing).


          In the future, if you are going to use Lightroom, you probably need to stop using Bridge (as Lightroom does not know what Bridge has done) and stop performing file management tasks outside of Lightroom.

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            shintoboy Level 1

            Thanks for the reply. Normally, I would not import into Lightroom until after I had renamed and keyworded all images. This time I didn't realize they hadn't yet been renamed before the import. What I'm doing now is just copying all the keywords from the images in the lightroom catalog to the images in the Bridge catalog, then re-importing the images back into Lightroom. Clunky, but it works. Lightroom does read the keywords I add in Bridge, so this works well enough.




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              ~IanB~ Level 1

              I have to agree bridge seems better for naming/renaming files but once you have the files in lightroom you really have to use LR to rename


              As dj said; you may have bought yourself a few dramas but many of us have done similar; yep, me too.


              About the only thing I could suggest is use lr to find the file/s. You will be told the file has different name>>click yes and lightroom will match that file+data together. However I'm not sure if LR will or can match up similar files near by; there's box to tick. Test with just a couple or so files. you might need to remove files from LR and import again; but keys many lost . Test with just a couple of files. If I think of someone from my own stuffs (lots of)  I will get back to you


              Hope that helps. 1000 +++ files sounds a bit too spooky


              Bit off topic

              I wish we could click on the file in lightroom and type in a new name as we can do window/bridge