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    cant install flash


      Hey all. Read some of the topics here, seems like this version has some problems. But any way. I went to youtube only to see they have totally blocked all flash content. Said I had to update. Only when I follow the link to adobe, I can get to the download area and get the file, Only when I try to install, as I read one other comment, I get the connection lost dialogue box. After several attempts I decided to uninstall completely. So now I have no flash installed at all. I go back to the download page, go thru the whole process all over again, and same thing. Lost connection. I read about this link   http://fpdownload.macromedia.com/pub/flashplayer/latest/help/install_flash_player.exe and I follow it, only I get a blank page that says backend not available.  This is VERY frustrating! any ideas? Really need this to work as I have "cut the cable " so my computer is my cable. Please advise. Thanks.