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    problem with .mov importing as audio




      I'm an old school filmmaker who last did intensive stuff when miniDV was king

      Now I find myself at a new job shooting and editing testimonials. Everything was fine for a whole year until I tried to import video from another videographer.

      I'm on a Windows 7 machine with Premiere Pro CC v.7.1.0


      The note on the footage says shot on Panasonic AF150 (AF100?) 1080 p 60i


      The .mov import as audio only. I have tried all kinds of sequence settings to change this. No dice.

      Also, the footage has, I believe it's called, "Judder". (I can watch the footage with my QT or VLC player.)


      Using a video conversion software I was able to import as MP4. But holy heck do I really have to convert all the clips before I can bring them in?


      I am pretty clueless about codecs, which is likely the problem. So a quick explanation on codecs and good places to read up on them would also be extremely helpful.


      Here's another issue - the videographer used a fisheye lens (or setting?) for some really nice B roll shots. Unfortunately, they are 4:3 and the  interviews are 16:9! Is this common and ends up being "my problem" or did he goof?




      Thanks in advance!