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    Why and how can Premiere cause a kernel panic? (at all, much less as often as I'm seeing)

    benjamino5 Level 1

      I get kernel panics disturbingly often with Premiere CC 2014 (and multiple versions of OS X---both Mavericks and Yosemite). Trying to render moves on an oversized still or feathered masking color correction seem to be common causes, and I suspect OpenCL hardware acceleration is related.


      But regardless of the specific causes, I'm curious about the fact that Premiere seems to be the only app on my Retina MacBook Pro that causes kernel panics as far as I can tell. Is that due to the kernel extensions needed for OpenCL hardware acceleration? How can Premiere even access the internals of OS X so deeply that it can cause kernel panics in the first place? Most apps that crash, just crash and don't take down the machine with them.