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    Migration of Mac OS Extended (Journaled) External Disk to PC?

    Vincent Walter Level 1

      10 hours into my new 27" i-mac and I jumped in without looking (or sales rep didn't ask me the right questions, mail order)


      No DVD drive and missing FW 800 support.  (I can take the missing DVD, but Fire Wire.. I have two 6gb RAIDs that run on FW 800 and only support USB 2.0.


      If I were to migrate my LR Catalogs to PC...  I read that the Mac OS Extended (Journaled) aren't Mac Friendly?

      If I were to copy all the folders to FAT32 with the same names...  Will LR recognize the stuff on the "other side" when the PC brings up LR catalogs converted from the Mac?

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          Vincent Walter Level 1


          .... I have grown tired of Apple tossing technology away before the "power users" that have been with them since 1982 are.

          -  I lost authoring of DVD's years ago.

          -  I still deliver dozens or tens of dozens of files via data-DVD and CD

          -  The "loss" of FireWire support is gaulling insult to previous "headaches"

          -  The 12 TB or RAID is no small matter. to handle through an add-on adapter.


          I have contemplated this jump for a number of years.  I start researching the migration, and now the FAT 32 vs the Mac OS issue is the lynch pin.


          Figured someone here may have been down this road.  My vendor said I am not the first person to say "where is my FW Port" or DVD drive... 

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            Vincent Walter Level 1

            This review of the Apple FW to Thunderbolt Adapter is one of the reasons I still have an otherwise sllllloooooowwww MacBook Pro to do work in the studio.

            Thunderbolt to FW 800 to FW 400 adapter does not support Hasselblad cameras

            • Written by Wick B from San Lorenzo
            • Dec 5, 2012

            Well dang... A brand new Macbook Pro Retina, new Photoshop, new Lightroom and I bought the 2 adapters recommended by Apple- Thunderbolt to Firewire 800, Firewire 800 to Firewire 400- to dump my 132 meg photographs onto my shiny new 16 GB Ram machine... Say What??
            NO GO!!! Oweeee. I called apple tech support, the guy runs a few PRAM reset programs and then proceeds to tell me to bring my new computer into an Apple store, the nearest one being about 7 hours round trip.
            Let me explain- the Thunderbolt to Firewire 800 adapter works great on my Lacie hard drives. The Firewire 800 to Firewire 400 works great on my older MacBook Pro Firewire 800 port to run the same hard drives. So I guess the adapters are fine.
            So WHY Can't the combination work together to run a powered Firewire 400 drive???
            I am irked as the Apple tech/sales guy who helped me put this computer together told me Apple had the solution when clearly it hasn't been sorted out yet.
            As I said back up there- DANG!!

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              Bob Somrak Level 6

              I use both Mac and PC and have not been happy with the CrApple OS direction for the last few years.  Their hardware is OK, I don't even miss the DVD. If I ever needed a DVD a USB external is about 50 dollars or less.  Firewire support on the PC Windows 8 side is not so great either, about like Parallel and Serial and Floppy drive support (all past their prime).  I just tossed an old perfectly functioning Laserjet with a Parallel port as it is no longer supported by a new computer my sister has.


              As far as FAT32, it works on both Windows and Mac.  It is Windows NTFS that has the problems.

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                Vincent Walter Level 1

                My main working drive 4tb is formatted Mac OS Journaled.

                @Bob Somrak.  I am resurrecting a SCSI G4 machine so I can continue to use the Imacon Flextight scanner.