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    How read from the HDMI Input Port?

    JimmyBIll Level 1

      Pulling down the Add Media menu in my Premiere Elements 11 window, I do not see an HDMI port input.

      My Dell XPS ONE PC (running Win 8.1 Pro) has an HDMI Input port.

      I would like to pull audio/video off this port into Premiere Elements 11 to edit and save to a disk file.

      Any ideas on this?

      Thank you!

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Could you elaborate on your proposed import of video and audio into Premiere Elements 11 on Window 8.1 64 bit?


          Given your computer has a HDMI input port. Given audio and video transferring into the computer with a HDMI connection. Where is

          the other end of the HDMI cable attached - camcorder or something else?


          There is no Add Media/HDMI in Premiere Elements 11 or other. There is an Add Media/DVD Camera or Computer Drive. But I do not see

          you getting a drive from an HDMI connection.


          I have found that the best use for a HDMI computer port is for setting up HDMI computer to HDMI TV for monitoring purposes.


          My first impression is that what you seek is not possible, but I will think about this some more. Please supply more details so that

          we might suggest possible alternatives that might exist.


          Thank you.




          Add On...by any chance are you thinking in terms of capture via HDMI? If so, be advised that Premiere Elements DV and HDV data capture works with Firewire, not even USB.

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            JimmyBIll Level 1



            Thank you for your reply.


            First to comment on DV, HDV data capture.  Yes, reading Adobe documentation I see the Premier Elements data capture works with Firewire. 


            For example, one Adobe document is at:



            The HDMI port in this diagram is an output port on the camcorder and connects to a TV set.  That way the user can monitor the data capture in progress.


            I suspect that most PC's and laptops, like the DV/HDV camcorder labeled with letter "D." in the Adobe diagram have an HDMI output port only.  The intent is to put the screen or video content out to an external TV.


            Some PC's now, as does my Dell XPS, include an HDMI input port.  It is connector # 15 on the diagram for the XPS at

            ftp://ftp.dell.com/Manuals/all-products/esuprt_desktop/esuprt_xps_desktop/xps-one-27-2710- aio_Setup%20Guide_en-us.pdf


            To make my post brief and concise I purposely left out any detail about the input device.  I believe HDMI stands for High Definition Multimedia Interface.  I want to assume some high definition (and therefore high speed) digital data stream accompanied by a digital audio stream is coming into the PC.  Whatever HDMI supports, the HDMI hardware on the PC input port should handle.


            As one example, I should be able to play a file from my DVR into the PC over the HDMI input port. This might be a saved TV show or a clip from a DV/HDV camera recording.


            That's just an example. But, what I am trying to do is recover the video/audio off an old Samsung SCL901 Hi8 camcorder.  I was asked and I told my acquaintance I would try. 


            The camcorder interface is the legacy S-video port.  A second audio port (3.5 mm female jack) carries (as you know) only mono audio (left side in the stereo cable). 


            One thing to do is to play the camcorder Hi8 tape into my DVR.  The DVR has a legacy S-Video port and phono plugs for the audio right in the front panel.  Then burn a DVD.  Then put the DVD in the PC, read it into Premier Elements and edit the material.


            Instead, what I'd like to do is play the tape right into the PC.  There seems to be a lot of legacy media that folks have just let sit around way too long.  And now the world has passed them by.  Enough people that apparently some companies have built converters.


            I looked at this S-video to HDMI converter.

            http://www.walmart.com/ip/Composite-S-Video-and-HDMI-to-HDMI-Converter-and-Switch-w-HDMI-P AL-NTSC-Support/39457809


            This is a Roku brand S-Video to HDMI converter.  It upsamples the legacy 480i to 720p or 1080p HDMI digital signal.


            The Roku converter appears to get the S-Video into the PC hardware.  Then what?


            It was sort of wishful thinking pulling down the “Add Media” menu tab in Premier Elements 11, wanting to read from the HDMI Input port.


            Still, Adobe does magical things, so I thought I would ask in this forum.


            So “Yes” to your add-on question at the end of your post.  I was thinking of capture via HDMI.  And I agree with your first impression that this is not possible.


            It could be there is software available from somewhere that will dump the HDMI port on the PC directly into an AVI, MOV, Microsoft, Flash, mpeg, DVD or some other standard file format.  Then Premier Elements can open the file for further editing.


            AT, I appreciate your response and comments on this project.  They have been useful guides.  Thank you so much for your time.