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    RoboHelp 6 crashes-Robo 5 project when using conditional build tags

      Hi there

      I had no build tags in my project, and it was an R5 project. I just upgrated to R6. I need to use the tags & when I put a build tag or two in the project on the topic level and compile it and it crashes. Based on a prior thread (related to merged cells in tables) I removed any merged cells I had in my tables and I was able to replace them with table captions. I also tried to place the build tag only on the folder level and only on the TOC level both crashed. Unfortunately it still crashes when I compile it without the merged cells in a table. I did create a brand new project and test and I was in fact able to compile it.

      My project was "somewhat lost" meaning I renamed it and then compiled it and it didn't fully compile. Two folders showed up in the compiled project, however all the folders were in the project folder when I looked via explorer. I found the CHM file from prior to renaming it and I decompiled it from that CHM file and recompiled it with the hhp builder tool.

      Any thoughts? PS. I am only a year using this product, so please keep that in mind :)

      Thank you Rebecca