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    Deleting pictures


      HHow do I delete pictures from my lightroom libraries?

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          Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

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            ~IanB~ Level 1

            highlight the file/s >>right click>>remove photos (two from the bottom)

            or highlight>>hit backspace

            window will open ........"deleted from disk: will remove files from the hard drive........"remove" will remove files from Lightroom library however the files will still be on your hard drive. Never seen any reason to just remove.


            another way: with the file/s highlighted hit the x key..........small black flag will appear ......... x as many as you like.....>>go Ctrl + backspace>>window will open>> select as before

            To remove black flag click with mouse pointer

            Hit "P" or easier/better hit "~" to flag files.........to remove flag "~" key again (no need to use shift btw)