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    Unable to Cancel Adobe Creative Cloud


      This is absolutely ridiculous! If you follow Adobe's steps to cancel your account you get absolutely no where, you just go in circles and end up being directed to the same link again and again. It should not be this difficult to cancel a subscription. When finally resorting to the forum for help I find it incredibly unbelievable that when you type "cancel subscription" into the search bar dozens, upon dozens, upon DOZENS of results come up, each one with the same problem...hmmmmm if I were Adobe I might think then that there just may be a problem, but hey, if you can't cancel I guess we just get to keep charging you! This is absolutely preposterous, I am a college student and only needed creative cloud for one semester and will not use it again for the rest of the year. And after this experience I will NEVER use Adobe again and will warn anyone possible to never enter into a membership with them.


      This is what Adobe has recommended I do to cancel my plan:

      Click Manage Plan then Cancel Plan. You are then redirected to the customer service page and asked to contact customer support or go to this link (Cancel your membership or subscription | Creative Cloud)  that does not help at all. After wasting time on that crappy link you can contact customer support by phone, online chat or on the forums. Tried the phone number and that doesn't work, it just automatically hangs up on me half way through getting through the different options you have. Tried the online "24/7" chat and what a shock, that didn't work either. I finally tried the forums and all that did was confirm what a scummy company Adobe is for hoodwinking all of us into buying their software but having no way of canceling it.


      At this point I refuse to pay for products that I do not and will not ever use again. The way I see it, they are basically stealing money from me. Money that quite frankly as a college student I don't have. I cannot even begin to describe how frustrated and disgusted I am with Adobe. For any of you that actually know of a way to cancel a membership any help would be greatly appreciated.