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    Unable to change 2nd copy of LR5 on 2nd PC, to registered, need Serial #, CC see its, how do I do this?


      I moved a copy of LR5 from PC (A) to PC (B).

      Note: Being on very slow (rural) DSL, I was unable to "download"  LR5 to PC (B)

      ...so I moved LR files to External Drive, then then copied them to PC (B)

      ...PC (B) will be dedicated "CC" ,  "LR" & "PS CC 2014,  (photography6 package)


      On PC (B), Creative Cloud (CC) was downloaded, but so very, very slow to download LR5, I stopped download

      & I went and made copy from PC (A) and moved over to PC (B)


      When I open LR5 on PC (B) it says I need serial #, or use trial.

      How can I resolve this, and get reg/serial number for this copy?

      Any assistance greatly appreciated.

      Thank you!