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    The sound volume in the videoproject is too low




      In Adobe Premiere Elements I3 made several projects. I used the tool Normalisation for the audio in a clip. Untill now this was functioning well. But at the present time I have a problem. Likely I have made a mistake with one of the settings. But I don't know which mistake.

      After the Normalisation of the sound in the clip the graphic rendition in the picture in the track Comment is as it should be.

      But the real sound is now too low. In the sound mixer I can see that the level of the sound doesn't come higher than -12 where it should actually be 0.

      I must have changed an overall setting somewhere with the result that the sound actually is too low.

      My question is: how can I restore the old situation where the sound volume was correct?

      Thank you in advance.



      Hans van den Heuvel

      email: hvdheuvel1@gmail.com