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    Creative Cloud Desktop Apps Progress wheel spins continually


      Windows 7 Ultimate with Adobe CS3 installed.  Installed Creative Cloud Desktop (latest version and and started a trial.  Installed one InDesign CC but installation in the "Apps" screen progress bar stopped at 85% and then after some time the Creative Cloud Desktop programme stopped functioning and suddenly disappeared from main Windows and also quick launch bar.  This is bad.


      Restarted computer.  Launch InDesign CC.  It worked.  Open my old Illustrator CS3, Photoshop CS3, all came out with License Not Working anymore error and need to reinstall, programme not usable.  This is bad too.


      Uninstall CS3 and Creative Cloud.  Reinstall CS3.  Oh no!  Error again, can only install Acrobat 8 but not other software.  This is bad again!


      OK.  Install Creative Cloud Desktop again.  Install Illustrator CC.  It froze at 85% and then disappear again.  This is bad.


      Launch Creative Cloud Desktop, go to "Apps" screen.  Then I got the Progress wheel spins continually problem.  This is bad.


      Found this page: App doesn’t open | Progress wheel spins continually


      Performed solutions 1 to 6 (yes, I mean all of them!!!).  No, the progress wheel is still spinning forever.


      Seriously, I am thinking that I will have to reinstall Windows 7 again and try to go back to CS3 and hope that it will work.  But Creative Cloud is worst than what I read about on the internet!!!


      CC IS BAD!!!