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    Premiere "Non-Pro" Makes Macbook Pro Retina Crash and Reboot!

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      I've been encountering numerous errors with PR ever since first trying CS2014. I own CS5.5 and have had no issues with the program on the same Macbook Pro Retina. However, when trying the 1 month free trial I realized that Premiere Pro CS2014 uses Cuda and Open CL and CS 5.5 DOES NOT!!!!!!!!!! I'm paying for a program to use Cuda and Open CL and what I get is the worst video editing program I have ever used since I first learned editing on Final Cut 5 in 2006. Congratulations developers for not looking at my crash reports and not contacting me when we could have worked this one out. Would you agree that Adobe is so greedy based on the fact that they won't apply a software update enabling Cuda and Open CL on CS 5.5? Instead their greed, in my opinion, continues to the point whereby they accept money and do not attempt to make the program work, especially in my case and I'll continue to describe why shortly hereafter.


      For me, the program randomly suffers from serious issues and causes the program to try and save the data and than automatically closes the application without providing me any warnings or suggestions on how to solve the problem. I estimate that I have sent nearly 400 crash reports to Adobe and I have not had one response from Adobe to address the issue. I've contacted Technical support nearly 10 times this month and STILL HAVE NO ANSWERS, nor has anyone from Tech Support been able to address the situation!!!


      The only time my computer ever has an issue is with Premiere Pro. I can use After Effects and Audition all day long without any issues. However, Premiere Pro is the only real reason why I'd be willing to buy into the CS2014 suite, when in reality I would much prefer an update to CS 5.5 to that would enable Open CL and Cuda support!!!!!!!! At this time, I am not able to rely on PR CS2014 and am looking for help. Is that you?


      Macbook Pro Retina Early 2013

      512GB SSD

      NVIDIA 650M and HD4000 Graphic Cards

      16GB Ram at 1600mHz

      2.7 i7 with Hyperthreading turning the Quad-Core into an 8-Core.


      Honestly, CS2014 makes my $2000 computer nothing more than a USB 3 transfer station. Anyone have any suggestions? My typical editing routine is to put everything on OpenCL; this includes Media Encoder. Encoder crashes every time when Cuda enhancements is turned on. I've been editing this way since CS2014 was released. It's still far faster than CS 5.5; almost 3-times faster render times... But, my computer is starting to crash more and more and the PR errors, after adding them up, are taking 25% - 35% of my time as an editor. If you think about how much this impacts a person's creativity it's easy to see why the program is nowhere near ready for the end user. Where's the creative work environment / workflow? It's not easy to work with PR CS2014 and I've grown very much apart of that "loving Adobe" energy that seems to carry a great number of creative thinkers, doers, artists, teachers, and students.


      I've not had any help from Technical Support and have asked for help on numerous occasions! They do not contact me and/or help even though they take my telephone number and chat with me online. The closest I've come to having help was last night. What happened? Technical Support was remote viewing PR and adjusted some settings with PR and then the computer crashed and shut down automatically. I haven't heard anything from Technical Support about whether or not it's related to this or related to that! I've got a deadline on videos that will attract 1.5 million viewers a year. Here I am on a forum talking about technical support!! What? I hope this puts things into perspective.


      Where is the creative PR flow Adobe? I'm telling you over and over again, PR CS2014 is the worst editing program I've ever used and you're not helping! I will return to CS 5.5 immediately, but not without taking back each and every months payment due to the fact that I have lost nearly 30% of time and energy working with a faulty post-production platform. From my perspective, you have no respect for the end user and are pushing a product that is apparently over your ability to program effective editing solutions; hints the Premiere "Non-Pro" title.


      Not that this post needs to end there. Not on the forum, right? Sorry. If there are suggestions from other users, I will gladly attempt to apply these suggestions given this current predicament.


      Thank you in advance,



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          Apple replaced the logic board, wiped the computer, did a fresh instal of the OS, and also a fresh instal of all the programs during the beginning of 2015. The GeekBench scores are the highest of any of the similar computers (at least on the day of my testing). But here's what's happening. The Macbook Pro Retina has a GeForce GT 650m with Cuda Technology and it can't handle editing in Premiere Pro with Cuda Acceleration turned on. Open CL, a second form of graphic acceleration on the Macbook Pro, has nothing to be worried about.


          At the Apple Store on 1-10-2015, I was told that since the logic board and the graphic cards have been replaced that there is nothing they can do and they recommend contacting Corporate. This comes after they told me to buy a new logic board and that that would solve the problem. This comes after Apple did not listen, for over a month, about the possibility that they didn't properly build a professional notebook computer.


          The computer displays a black program monitor screen, at random times, when the user edits footage with Cuda Acceleration enabled. It used to lead to an entire system crash and/or a Premiere Pro crash before the operating system was completely re-installed. My solution, since I bought the computer, was to edit in Open CL... However, there is a major difference in performance between Open CL and Cuda Acceleration.


          For the Macbook Pro Retina, Adobe Media Encoder render times are about 20% faster with Cuda Acceleration than Open CL. The 2013 Macbook Pro Retina appears to be able to handle Cuda Acceleration in Media Encoder, but I have had a number of issues leading to program crashes on every project before the new logic board and operating system were installed. For over a year and a half, I actually never used Cuda Acceleration. Having sent every crash report and user data to Apple over that time, I truly expected an update of some sorts and it never came.


          FYI: The latest Macbook Pro Retina uses the GeForce GT 750m... This is essentially the same graphic card that performs about 10 - 20% faster due to a new "boost mode." More importantly, it actually has the exact same number of Cuda cores. Having the same number of Cuda Cores means that the Cuda Acceleration is essentially the same when exporting or viewing video. To prove a point to Apple that their 2013 Macbook Pro Retina isn't functioning properly, I bought the latest computer with the 2.5 i7, 16gb Ram, 512gb SSD and I can honestly say that the 2014 model works perfectly fine with Cuda Acceleration turned on while editing in Premiere. I can also say that a proper render test proved the 2013 and 2014 model to be the exact same.


          I'm new to this whole pay $2700 for a computer that your manufacturer didn't / can't test properly, so I will be contacting Apple and speaking with Senior Advisors, their Customer Support division, and will soon speak with their Corporate branch. I'm confident that the Early 2013 Macbook Pro Retina with a 2.7 i7 16gb Ram and a 512 SSD is nearly the same at rendering video and editing video, provided the Cuda Acceleration works, as their latest 2014 Macbook Pro Retina with the 2.5 i7 processor 16gb Ram, and a 512 SSD. It's truly a great computer and a great build, minus their current inability to properly test / diagnose their computer.


          Knowing that the latest graphic card in the Macbook Pro lineup is essentially the same model, I feel that Apple is not directly looking into the viability and life span of their current Macbook Pro Retina product line. They can't test for performance issues relating to their graphic cards, so why consider buying from them when the end user is actually in a position to experience up to a 20% decrease in certain professional programs.


          For future reference, I'd strongly urge other individuals to avoid purchasing Apple products if they offer Cuda Technology. In my opinion, Apple is an Open CL organization, at best, who is not responsibly manufacturing / producing computers that fit their organization's strengths. For a fact, they can't test their Cuda Technology and won't even attempt to address Cuda Acceleration errors for Apple owners (01-11-2015). I say this having walked out of the Apple Store on 1-10-2015 with virtually no support other than to contact Corporate.