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    Edge bugs

    smenegassi Level 1

      (I'm workink with Edge 2014.1.1)

      Hello word !

      I’ve been reading a lot about  Edge Animate issues.


      Well, I have one too. I’ve noticed that Edge, sometimes, messes up with the “myProject_edgeActions.js file” all by itself.


      Last time, a button stopped working properly.  It ended up that Edge, on the “myProject_edgeActions.js file” , had duplicated the bindElementAction for that button with a totally different “click” action.


      I just had to delete that and everything worked back normally.

      Now I assume that when something bugs, It is a good practice to have a look on the Edge.js files.


      It can mess them up.


      Does anybody ever had the same, very bad, experience ?