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    Low quality on image/shadow


      Hello Adobe Community.


      I'm facing an issue with Acrobat, basically the quality of the image is low, you can clearly notice that by looking at the shadows.


      Here's an example:


      How the image looks on Microsoft Word:

      doc image.PNG





      How it looks Acrobat:pdfimage.PNG



      You can clearly see that the Word image has better quality, it has no "lines" on the shadow part.


      I use the Menu Option "Acrobat"  to export the .doc into .pdf, sometimes I open the .doc with Acrobat to get the pdf.


      Thanks for the help

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          Tariq Dar Adobe Employee



          Are you still facing this issue.

          let me know what is the version of Acrobat installed on your machine and what is the version of Ms word installed on your machine.


          If you are using Acrobat PDF maker to convert word document to PDF before you click on convert to PDF choose Preference button. A window will pop up named Acrobat PDFMaker.

          Choose high quality from the drop down and try to convert again, That should help you out.