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    nodal compaositing

    Luna Walczak Level 1


      I wonder if After Effects would one day have an option of " nodal compositing " ?

      After Effects is a great software but face Nuke , I find it a bit heavy


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Nuke and AE are two different workflows. Nodal compositing has certain advantages, layered timelines like AE have others. It is highly unlikely but not impossible that AE will abandon the timeline and for some things it is a lot easier to use. Both systems, despite the recent great press that Nuke has been getting, require a lot of work to learn. Neither system is simple enough to just launch the app and create amazing special effects. The only open, drag and use to create amazing eye candy program that I have ever seen is Apple Motion. A six year old can use that, but you cannot do much with it that isn't in a preset without a major effort at learning how it works.

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            JuniorMurvin Level 1

            Anything you can do in Nuke, you can do in After Effects vice versa. No program makes you a better artist - it is you and how you achieve certain stuff.


            Personally I love the combination of both tools. I decide on each job what to use and for some things Nuke is just annoying (typo animations, motion graphics in genereal). For stuff like 3D Multipass comping After Effects is a pain in the *** and so on.

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              Todd_Kopriva Level 8

              See our response to this question at the beginning of this post:

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                Luna Walczak Level 1

                I don't think After Effects should be like Nuke. I understand that these two programs are different and complementary. It would be pointless to make two similar software .

                But I think it would be useful for After Effects to have a nodal interface and an layered interface. Why not have choice? As VFX artist, I find that it miss in the Adobe suite a nodal compositing software. After Effects is a great software but I think that it miss the nodal interface option .