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    Unwanted Feature in New Version

    Guerri Stevens

      I am using Windows Vista on a PC. I have Flash Player version11.9.9. I am set up so that when a new version is available, I get a notification. Usually the notification mentions the new version, but provides very little other information, often just the need for “security” updates and the fact that a lot of popular sites use the Player.


      The most recent update notification said all of that and also that the new version would notify my friends of my favorite games. I don’t want that feature. If I want my friends to know about my favorite games I will tell them and if I don’t want them to know, I won’t tell them.


      I definitely don’t want Adobe deciding what my favorite games are and I definitely don’t want Adobe deciding who my friends are.


      I can understand that Adobe could have the Flash Player capture information on what games I play, and capture my name somehow. And it could save that information and disseminate it. But how does Adobe know who my friends are?


      Frankly, this is very, very disturbing.


      Please tell me how Adobe decides who my friends are.


      Please tell me how Adobe notifies these friends of my online activities.


      Can this feature be turned off? If so, please provide explicit instructions.


      If the feature cannot be turned off, then sadly, I will have to cease playing any online games that use the Flash Player.


      -- Guerri