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    Premiere CC - flickering after rendering

    giolat Level 1

      I have big problems with Premiere Pro CC. In particular with the most recent update (dec 2014), but also with the previuos version. I import footage from Canon DSLR cameras (1080p All-i 25fps, Cinestyle, flat settings) and images folders for Timelapses (4k size jpg). Then i create project with both those materials and export with Premiere presets for Vimeo 1080 25fps and Youtube 1080 25fps. Both have light variations, or flickering, in some scenes. Not all, but always the same in both versions. Problems appear in Canon footage and Timelapse images sequences. At the Canon footage I usually apply Cineon converter, 3 way color correction and contrast, nothing else. I imported alsaso a footage from GoPro (4k 12.5 fps) and it seems having the same problems.


      The rendering was done with "only software" selection


      As suggested i installed a AMD FirePro V4900 graphic card, selecting Mercury... as rendering option, but had the same problems.


      In additon i have a new problem: Premiere Pro doesn't offer me the option "Mercury Playback Engine" in "project settings", but the option appears in "Adobe media encoder".... how is it possibile ?


      Thanks in advance