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    why can't I install on a second computer?


      Why can't I install Premier Elements 12 on a second computer without paying for it again. The computer I originally installed the program on died. When I open Premier 12 on the second computer a window pops up to either buy it or use it on a trail basis. I already paid for it once.

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            A.T. Romano Level 7



            There could be several scenarios for your situation.


            1. You purchased Premiere Elements 12 as a download to a Windows computer and you want to use those downloaded 12 installation files on a Mac computer.


            2. You already have the same purchased serial number on more than 2 of your computers. If this is the case and you want to download to a 3rd computer, then you need to deactivate that same purchased serial number from one of the 2 computers.

            a. you can deactivate the purchased serial number from the working computer

            b. you will need Adobe via its Adobe Chat to deal with the purchased serial number trapped on the crashed computer.


            Please review and determine which scenario applies to you. If none, please give more details.


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