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    Pro Import problems with image sequences

    JuniorMurvin Level 1

      Hey guys,


      I had this workflow running on with no problems for some time, but all of a sudden (after updating to "i can't remember)  I can't manage to get my beloved workflow working anymore. Here is what I do:


      1) offline editing on avid media composer

      2) EDL conform in Resolve to graded DPX-sequences

      3) Export XML for After Effects

      4) Pro Import the XML in AE with the proper folder existing for the source-files


      After Effects has no problems doing the conform,retimes, ... and everything looks fine, but he does not link or find the source files. When I manually connect the offline-media everything is fine. But this is a LOT of work for a 5 minute clip. Like I said - I used this workflow with no problems for a couple of time. I can't really remember, but I think this problem happened when I switched from CC to CC 2014.


      Strange: I tried the same workflow also in CS6 and CC. Same problem.


      The entry in the XML is totally fine. Seems that AE has some problems with the DPX sequences. I tried a test-cut and used Quicktime movies for the conform in Resolve. Then I'm able to do a full conform in AE afterwards with no problems. Again - it worked with DPX seqs before. It is also not a particular problem with DPX sequences - I tried TIFF, PNG, etc also.


      I'm out of options...tried a lot of stuff to solve this...any ideas???