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    Multi-Level List Numbering as Footer




      Was wondering if anyone can help me out here.


      I've got a 500 page document where I need to indicate a section number (of up to 3 levels, e.g., Section 1.3.1) on almost every single page.


      I was wondering if there's any automated way of doing this because keying in the numbers manually wouldn't make sense as more pages will be added in the future.


      How I am currently approaching it is I have 2 masters pages:


      1st one has a "section marker" text variable on the footer which outputs (let's say "1.3" ) defined from the pages panel.

      2nd one has a "section marker" + "page number" variable which outputs the "1.3." + "1" where I've defined the starting page number to be "1" from the pages panel. So this will output Section "1.3.1", 1.3.2", 1.3.3", etc. as I add in more pages.


      However, the problem is, if I have  a sub-section that spans 10 pages, the system would fall apart. Hence I'm wondering if anyone here knows how to approach this.

      They basically want to every page and item to be marked using a section number instead of a page number.


      Thanks in advance!