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    Importing XML from Davinci Resolve Lite to Premiere Pro CS5


      I really need help. Okay, so I'm working with Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Davinci Resolve Lite. How my situation is set up, I'm running the two programs on two different computers because one couldnt run Davinci. So I was able to export an XML file of my sequence and color edit it in Davinci. Once I export from Davinci, I copy the exported XML file that it gives me onto a hard drive to transfer back to my other computer to put it on Premiere. Here's where the problem comes in. I log into my project in Premiere and try to import the Davinci XML file but instead of an entire sequence showing up, it imports all of the clips associated with the sequence, but then I realized that those clips aren't even color edited. I also tried exporting on Davinci through the "Deliver" tab, rendering it and then repeating the same process of putting that XML file on my other computer. When doing that, it gave me the XML file along with a bunch of associated .MOV files that I wasnt able to open. These weren't able to import on Premiere. Does anyone know how to fix my problem?! Please help this is really urgent.


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