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    PLEASE HELP - Audio playback error after having exported a video from Premiere Pro

    Brandon Taylor 65

      I really need help and have tried to chat support with two different adobe help people and no luck, so here is my problem. I have exported a video from Premiere Pro that has 5 video tracks and 2 audio tracks. The interview portion of the audio is on track 1, the back ground music is on track 2. When I export the video and look at it on a computer everything looks and sounds fine BUT when I go to view it on a Mobile Device, everything from track one does not come up, nothing from track 1 can be heard. When I contacted Adobe Chat Support, both times I was told it was some sort of bitrate issue, now when i contacted the chat support the second time, the guy was nice enough to stay on with me while in TeamViewer and walked me through several different export options and lowering bitrates and all still with the same result.


      PLEASE if anyone can help it’d be great. Been trying to release the video for the business I work for and can’t because the audio dropout on mobile devices.