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    Pro Res 422 clips not working on Windows Premiere CC 2014


      Originally I was getting the 'media pending' non-stop but now nothing shows at all and Premiere freezes.


      I have uninstalled every codec on my system and every media player and then reinstalled just Quicktime. It just locks up the system.


      Windows 8.1

      Quicktime 7.7.6 (which I believe includes with Prores decoder)

      Adobe CC2014


      32Gb DDR4 RAM

      Geforce 980GTX 4Gb




      Quicktime player plays the files perfectly on Windows.


      Premiere CC 2014 on Mac plays the projects perfectly.


      But Premiere CC 2014 on Windows grinds to a halt each and every time.


      I've trawled through every thread on similar subjects and tried everything I have read or seen so far but nothing helps. I've tried CineC and the other prores alternatives to see if they can 'jump start' Premiere seeing the files but nothing.


      Any suggestions greatly appreciated as I'm supposed to be doing this edit over this weekend.