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      Can anyone enlighten me as to why this glitch is happening on a website I designed?
      Please go to http://www.boulevardpropertiesllc.com
      Why does the "Welcome" page continually pop up during page transitions on button release?? In some browsers it pops up for an instant, others as long as 30 seconds before opening the next page which will cause my audience to abandon the site.
      It seems as if each new page takes long to load so during the interim my "welcome" page fills in the blank. Each page is an external .SWF which I thought was the most efficient way to build a Flash site thereby avoiding long pre-load times. The largest size of any .SWF is 280KB. That doesn't seem too large to load in an instant. I'm using the first version of FlashMX. Any advice??
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          what code are you using on (one of) your buttons and what code are you using on your enter here button?
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            ritjunior Level 1
            The first page has an "ENTER" button which links to a "HOME" page which has six additional buttons linking to various other pages. All of the pages are external .SWF's. The code route for all buttons is BROWSER/NETWORK>LOAD MOVIE which prompts me to enter URL and level:

            on (release) {
            loadMovieNum("blvdProp_home2.swf", 1);

            I use level 1 for each .SWF so it automatically bumps the previous page out. All of this works except that the initial "ENTER" page reappears for 1 to 5 seconds during the transition from one page to another upon release of a button. Here's the site address: www.boulevardpropertiesllc.com
            Check it out and see what I mean.
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              kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              that looks like your enter page is on _level0 and displays during the unload of the previous _level1 swf and the load of the next swf. to remedy, assign a _visible property of 0 to the movieclip that's displaying.