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    Lightroom not updating main preview with develop changes. Steps taken, please help...


      I have CC photographers package with the latest Photoshop and Lightroom (5.7) installed. Starting yesterday when I make changes to the develop sliders the image doesn't change. The filmstrip preview does but the main preview does not. If I switch to a different image and back I can see the changes but I can't edit that way. I purged caches, increased their size, made a new catalog, uninstalled (and left over files) and ran CC cleaner on the registry then rebooted and re installed. I did not uninstall CC or Photoshop. How can I make the slider changes show up in real time again? It isn't that the changes are lagging. I can change a slider and it WILL NOT change the image no matter how long I wait, but if I switch to another photo and back the changes show up immediately. Searching Google yielded only results about smart previews and was not helpful to me. I am not using smart previews and the actual RAW files are on the same machine Thanks everyone!