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    Speedgrade not Showing Lumetri Looks Properly in Premiere

    Cinewinna Level 1

      I would so love someone if they could help me out with this issue.


      What I'm Using:

      • Speedgrade CC 2014.1
      • Premiere Pro CC 2014.1
      • Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera


      Issue:     Every time I make a custom .look file in Speedgrade with a grade I like for a certain clip I then bring it into premiere for color correcting in my original project. (I'm not using dynamic link or EDL's as both haven given me issues non-stop)


      So I thought I  could just use the Lumetri effect and drop in a grade from Speedgrade. Then when i do apply the effect....it's some weird  colored grade that I never put! Sometimes it is too dark than what I made in Speedgrade, or it is just a whole other color (purple).

      Previously Attempted:     I have literally searched the internet for HOURS and cannot find one single answer besides someone saying you need to do this complex calibrating process. I would very much appreciate any help on this issue as it is making me pull my hair out lol

      System Specs:

      • Model:           Asus Desktop PC M32BF_K30BF Series
      • Processor:     AMD-A10 7800 Radeon R7 12 Compute Cores 4C+8G 3.50GHz
      • RAM:             16.0 GB (14.9 usable)
      • System Type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor
      • OS:                Windows 8.1

      Also the processor has some sort of integrated graphics which must be pretty powerful because I can enable hardware processing and make playback much smoother.